Dear Friends,

We are writing with an urgent need which is also an answer to our ongoing prayers.

We currently lease the Community Pregnancy Center (CPC) facility month-to-month. The three structures on our campus accommodate our various ministries of counseling, ultrasounds, pregnancy testing, baby store, administrative spaces, and trainings without interruption to each other. As an added bonus, our visibility on Gurley Street has yielded blessings of volunteer interest and convenience for the clients we serve. We praise God for providing us with the perfect space for our every need and during the 9 years of our tenancy, we have prayed that He would make this our permanent location. We believe our prayers have been answered and we need your help to stay.

On February 22, 2017 the current owners flew from Iowa to Prescott to meet with us. At that time, they informed us of their plans to sell the buildings and property and their desire to do so immediately. They were gracious to give the CPC the first opportunity to purchase the buildings within 60 days. In fact, CPC had the buildings evaluated and the owner proposed the exact amount that we determined the buildings were worth ($650,000). Praise the Lord! That is God working and an answer to prayer. However, if we cannot buy the buildings within that time frame they will have it listed for sale to the general public.

As we’ve prayed and planned for this opportunity for many years, CPC has $200,000 available for the down payment. In order for CPC to afford monthly payments within our operating budget, we need to raise an additional minimum of $200,000.

This is where your help comes in. We need faithful supporters like you to step forward with generous gifts to help CPC purchase our permanent home where it has served our community faithfully for nearly a decade.  Friends who give above and beyond to help us stay in this location will ensure that CPC can continue ministering in the heart of Prescott without interruption or unnecessary relocation costs.

The time is now and we need your help.  If CPC cannot move toward a purchase agreement by April 21st we will lose the opportunity to remain at our current location and be forced to relocate.

Please prayerfully consider what you can give. CPC cannot take this crucial next step without the help and financial support from friends like you.

With expectation & gratitude,

Brent DeSaye – Executive Director

Al Anderson – Board Chair

Roger Barton – Building Committee Chair & Board Treasurer

P.S.    This is an historic time to stand for life in our community.  A permanent place for CPC to operate from is a major answer to prayer in reaching our community for Christ. Your generous gift and prompt response is greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless you!

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